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Chapter 181 Melody’s Upbringing

  • “Dad, if it were me, I wouldn’t agree to it too. Olivia spent a lot of effort to find a man of your status; how could she let you go so easily? She absolutely will not do as you say and get an abortion; it’s asking the impossible. I know her kind too well.”
  • “Then, Alice, tell me—what should we do?”
  • “In my opinion, you should think of a way to make her miscarry. This way, we can nip the problem in the bud.”
  • Upon hearing that, Otis immediately felt uncomfortable with the idea. After all, Melody used the same method on Iris as well. Iris turned to face away as this had caused her to relive the depressing moments again.
  • Realizing that she had said something wrong, Alice was visibly embarrassed.
  • “Uh... the both of you carry on. The doctor mentioned that there is still another report to collect, so I’ll go get it. Be right back!”
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