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Chapter 144 I’m Your Woman

  • Olivia’s eyes were fixed on Otis. She reckoned it was right for her to do all this. Now that all the evidence was in her hands, she knew that with just a few clicks, the King Corporation’s reputation would be greatly damaged.
  • This was why Olivia looked extremely smug now.
  • She could clearly see that Otis’ expression was gradually getting more and more unpleasant, and the blue veins on his forehead were bulging.
  • She knew that at this moment, this man detested her. But, hatred was hatred. No one could mess with her.
  • “It’s nothing. It’s actually very simple. Mr. King, I’m doing all this because I want to marry you. I’ve been wandering around for most of my life and have never found a suitable person. You know Alice. Do you know that I always had Alice by my side? So many people have left me because they know that I have an adopted daughter. At the end of the day, I’m making all these sacrifices for Alice. Isn’t she your biological daughter? Don’t you need to compensate me in some way?” Olivia said as though she was being completely reasonable.
  • She placed all the blame on Alice, but what Otis didn’t know was that all this while, Olivia never lacked having a man around her. It was just that none of the men were reliable in the long run, so she would have a new man every once in a while.
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