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Chapter 112 Otis’ Shocking Decision

  • “Now, Uncle Otis, Alice, you don’t have to be sad. Since you are reunited with each other, you have lots of time to spend together,” Iris reminded while she faintly smiled. In all honesty, she was especially happy that Alice and Otis were now reunited. Initially, she thought that it was awkward that he was looking after them since they weren’t related, but now she felt relieved. After all, he was her best friend’s biological father.
  • “Yes, that’s true. Iris is correct. It is true that we have plenty of time together from now on. Alice, I will never leave you ever again. I promise.”
  • “I want to ask you something,” Alice said seriously after she cried. She wiped away her tears to look up slowly at Otis.
  • He hesitated because he knew what she wanted to ask him. “I know. You want to know who your mother is, right?”
  • Well, I am sure that everybody will have the same thought. Since I have found my father, shouldn’t my mother be within reach? However, I have never seen any woman around him throughout the time I’ve known him. “Yes, I really would like to know. I even dreamed about my mother. Initially, I thought that Olivia is my mother and I didn’t even consider the possibility that she isn’t related to me. Dad, will you please tell me where my mother is? I don’t care why you two were separated, but you should at least give me the chance to reunite with her.”
  • “My child, I understand how you feel, but the only thing I can tell you is this—I am not even sure where your mother is.”
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