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Chapter 105 Alice’s Mole

  • By now, Alice had lost any patience she had for Lucas and wanted him to leave her friend alone, so she swiftly wedged herself between him and Iris’ door.
  • “I’m going to warn you one last time—you are not allowed in this room, so don’t even think about coming near it.”
  • “Alice, don’t you want to see Iris happy again? The only way she’s going to feel better is if she forgives me. As her best friend, you don’t want to see her moping, do you?”
  • Lucas’ eyebrows furrowed as he pleaded with her. Meanwhile, Otis saw the entire scene play out from the living room, but he kept quiet as he did not want to involve himself in their affairs anymore.
  • “Cut that sh*t out. All I know is that my best friend was hurt and wronged, and I have to protect her from getting hurt again.”
  • “Move aside.”
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