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Chapter 2 Be Good, and Don’t Bite Me

  • The customer was dissatisfied since the box had been damaged, and Chloe was forced to sell the items at a loss by giving them a 20-percent discount. I’m not making much money in the first place, though, she thought to herself.
  • As she walked out of the Dixon Group and stood on the wide public square in front of its magnificent entrance in dejection, she felt that she was so tiny and insignificant compared to the tall and majestic building of the Dixon Group behind her. The Dixon Group, the Dixon Group… It’s bad luck for me to get involved with the Dixon Group. Just look at what happened today.
  • Chloe vigorously shook her head and dispelled all these negative emotions, going back to her usual vivacious self. She had no time to grieve over her past, for she would only starve to death once she stopped what she’d been doing!
  • She rode her motorcycle back to her university. While she was parking her motorcycle, her cell phone rang in her handbag.
  • She took off her self-constructed helmet in a flurry before whipping her cell phone out of her handbag. However, her face instantly darkened when she saw the caller ID, for the sight of this phone number put her under tremendous stress.
  • That family… is no longer my home, she thought to herself.
  • “Hello, Miss Yasmin.” Her voice was cold.
  • “Come home this weekend to discuss your marriage.”
  • All that was left were emotionless and ugly orders. Yet, to Chloe’s irony, she had to obey this woman’s orders with no right to resist.
  • “Okay, I got it.”
  • As soon as she finished her sentence, the other end of the phone disconnected the call with a loud noise in a smooth and decisive way.
  • Putting away her cell phone with a wry laugh, Chloe sat on her motorcycle in a daze; her dull eyes glazed over as only dark gloom was left in them.
  • The Tillmans were a patrician family, but Chloe—the family’s legitimate daughter and its flesh and blood—had never lived a happy life even for a day. Her father’s neglect, her mother’s mental illness, and the other woman who became the lady of the house made her—the family’s so-called legitimate daughter and its own flesh and blood—more pathetic than an orphan. She had to support herself through college, and just when she was about to enter the workforce, she had no choice but to be set up as a pawn with marriage being her only path to the future.
  • She couldn’t leave the Tillman Family—for now, at the very least. She thought to herself, Just hang in there a little longer, Chloe. Once you find out the truth about what happened back then, you’ll be able to get away from the bitterly disappointing and disgusting Tillman Family with your mom!
  • College life was always busy and full of activities. For the sake of the university students who were about to graduate, the student council specially invited several young and talented graduates to deliver a speech at their alma mater. All these young talents were business elites who graduated from Westside University as top students, including one eligible bachelor who was the most remarkable well-born company president of Westside City and the No. 1 pride of the university back then. Hence, the students were bubbling over with excitement as they scrambled to get a glimpse of the man.
  • However, some students didn’t care about it since they were busy doing business.
  • Wearing a blindfold, Chloe bit her lip as she stood alone speechlessly on the hill behind the campus in the dead of night. F*ck, she cursed inwardly at the thought of the student who placed an order for a sex toy and had asked her to make the transaction here with a blindfold on out of shyness. Why should she be shy of showing herself if she wants to buy this kind of stuff?
  • The howling cold wind chilled her to the bone, making her feel even more insecure in the dark as she held a dildo in her hand. Holy sh*t. When the hell will you come over to make the transaction with me?! It’s not easy to make money!
  • Just when she was about to go crazy, she heard the rustle of someone stepping on fallen leaves. As if hearing the sound that could save her life, she instantly came alive; with her blindfold on, Chloe put on an affable smile that she thought must make her look like an idiot if this were to happen in the daytime. “Are you here, miss?” She sensitively sensed someone standing before her in the dark. “Here you go, miss. This is the treasure you want. You have my word that you’d feel great after using it—you’ll definitely want to buy it again!”
  • With that, she handed out the dildo in her hand; she then sensed someone quietly taking the dildo from her.
  • Despite her fixed smile, Chloe acted on the principle where the customer was always right and asked affably, “Are you satisfied with its quality, miss? I’ll look forward to hearing from you again if you are.”
  • As she spoke, she turned around and was about to leave in the dark, but the long period of standing caused her legs to go numb, making her stumble as soon as she turned around. Just then, something caught hold of her wrist with enormous strength and held her to a warm and broad chest before she realized what was happening.
  • Mixed with a masculine scent that made one’s heart flutter, the familiar peppermint scent filled her nostrils. At this moment, her dainty body was enveloped in warmth, making her originally cold and stiff body unusually warm.
  • When the extreme cold and extreme heat came into contact, the resulting chemical reaction would cause the extremely cold side to feel doubly warm, which was exactly what Chloe felt at this moment. She felt as if she was being wrapped in a cotton-wadded quilt, and the scent that filled her nostrils smelled so refreshing and natural that she forgot the muscular arm around her waist and the warm breath belonging to a man that caressed her ear.
  • “How could a young lady like you do business here at night? Aren’t you cold?”
  • The faint peppermint scent caressed her face along with the profound and familiar feeling. Who is it?! Chloe thought to herself. Suddenly, the fixed smile on her face vanished; she took off her blindfold and fixed her eyes on the chest that was only inches away from her in the hazy moonlight! “Who are you?” She looked up while trying hard to get a clear view of the man’s face.
  • The man relaxed his hold on her slightly before lowering his head with a smile. His eyes were sparkling, and the smile on his lips and the stately qualities about him made him look simply noble and exceedingly handsome.
  • The instant Chloe saw his face clearly with great effort, she subconsciously blurted out, “You’re the lunatic!”
  • The man frowned upon hearing what Chloe called him. Lunatic?! “That’s not right. My name is Morgan Dixon.”
  • Chloe bit her lip hard while opening her eyes wide in surprise. However, she began struggling with fear immediately. “Hey, Mr. Lunatic—I don’t know why you’re here, but I’m telling you that I didn’t mean to scold you on purpose last time. You’re the one who groped me, so don’t take it to heart. Don’t come to me when you go crazy!”
  • Morgan frowned; Chloe’s mouth kept opening and closing as she spoke in an unnecessarily theatrical manner while struggling persistently without allowing herself to listen to him. The next instant, he pulled the struggling young lady into his arms with another yank before suddenly kissing her on the lips under the moonlight as she yelled. It feels so good when the world becomes peaceful and quiet at this moment…
  • Chloe was startled by the warm and tender touch on her lips; something tender to the touch was tracing the contours of her lips, bringing her a strange feeling as it slid along her lips bit by bit as if soothing her restlessness.
  • Then, the man spoke. “If you still want to be so unnecessarily paranoid, I don’t mind using this way to quiet you down in the future. Would you like to listen to me now, huh?”
  • Strangely, the deep and steady male voice had a magic that brought a blush to Chloe’s cheeks and made her body go numb. Pressing her lips together, Chloe had wanted to beat up this guy long ago, yet her hands were numb and limp!
  • Just then, Morgan reached out and caressed her compressed lips with his thumb. “Be good, and don’t bite me.”