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Chapter 5 The Lover’s Taunt

  • Gu Zechuan looked at the ever calm and tranquil face in front of him, and laughed coldly, "Mrs. Gu, what a pleasant surprise. I’d never expected to see you here."
  • Xia He turned her eyes back to the jewelry drawer in front of her, "Yes, a pleasant surprise indeed. It was my birthday today, and I came to buy myself a birthday present."
  • "Wow, that’s such a coincidence, Ms. Xia, It was my birthday too! But why are you all alone? Zechuan bought me so many presents for me today. Here, Ms. Xia, you can have some of them. All of them are really expensive brands." Yang Qinglian said, on purpose.
  • This woman had only came to flaunt. The corner of Xia He’s lips twiched in silent anger. She could pretend that she didn’t mind, but it didn’t mean that she’ll allow just anyone to walk all over her.
  • "It’s fine, there’s no need." Xia He replied.
  • But Yang Qinglian wouldn’t stop there, "Ms. Xia, there’s no need to be bashful, really, since all of them came from Zechuan anyway. Oh, that’s right, did Zechuan also got you something too?"
  • At that, Xia He couldn’t stand her continuously pouring salt on her wound anymore!
  • Xia He raised her eyes and gave Gu Zechuan a look, then looked directly at Yang Qinglian. Today, Xia He dressed herself as smartly and as sharply as she could. Feeling Xia He’s intent eyes on her, Yang Qinglian couldn’t help but stutter and back down a little.
  • "Ms. Yang Qinglian, who’re you being so familiar with? Are you having fun parading around with another woman’s husband? If I were you, I’d at least have the decency of finding myself a bag to hide my face in shame, and yet you would even go as far as to flaunt it in front of me? True, the one that Gu Zechuan loved may not be me, but it was my name that was signed on the marriage documents. If you are truly serious about it, why not try doing something about changing that name from mine to yours?"
  • Xia He didn’t raise her voice to become as loud as a scream, but it was just enough that everyone in the store was able to hear it with crystal clarity. Slowly, the eyes from the store clerks and passersby that fell on Yang Qinglian became that of despite and scorn.
  • Feeling the eyes of everyone around us, Yang Qinglian immediately retreated behind Gu Zechuan, playing the part of a frightened little rabbit.
  • "Zechuan, I... I didn’t mean to... I just saw that, Ms. Xia was all alone picking present by herself and…" Then as if the tap had been turned on, tears began rolling out of Yang Qinglian’s eyes.
  • Gu Zechuan saw that Yang Qinglian felt hurt, and then turned around and saw Xia He’s dauntless and fearless tranquility, Gu Zechuan’s eyes changed and He shouted, coldly, "Enough! Xia He! Qinglian was only trying to care for you, how could you be as cruel as to wrong her for her kindness?"
  • Care for me? Which woman in their right mind would ever need, or want, such "care"? Unfortunately, the ability to discern women of these particularly shameless types only seemed to be inherent among fellow women, and non-existent in men. And even more so unfortunate, is that somehow these types are almost always the popular ones among men.
  • "Heh." Xia He allowed herself a cold laugh, "Who need such ‘care’ from some strays out there? If she truly ‘cared’ for me, she wouldn’t be playing the third fiddle here causing discensions in others’ families! Heh, in those types of dramas those third wheel types never ends well!"
  • Hearing what Xia He said, Yang Qinglian’s face turned white immediately. She grabbed Gu Zechuan’s sleeves tightly and began to sob.
  • Gu Zechuan’s eye grew cold. And in mere moments later, in front of every onlooker’s eyes, he slapped Xia He in her face. The slap was solid, and heavy, and the sheer force of the impact knocked Xia He a few steps backward, as well as forcibly turned her head to the other side. Her face began swelling immediately.
  • "Xia He, the gods must be blind to let such a venomous woman like you live in this world. If not for that scheming old bag of bones of that you call grandfather, if not for his dirty tricks and coersions, how would I ever be married to you in the first place? The one that I loved is Qinglian. The only third wheel here, is you!" Gu Zechuan said, coldly.
  • Like sharp blades, every single one of Gu Zechuan’s words stabbed into Xia He’s heart, again and again as he uttered them. He struck her down for the sake of another woman? In front of all in the public, he would not care even for the honor of his wife? He would not care even for the honor of his own family name? He would give all these up for that Yang Qinglian?