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Chapter 26 He Didn’t Make It

  • A proud man never took to his knee lightly. As arrogant a man that Gu Zechuan was, Xu Feng and Xia He’s mother never thought that he’d go as far as get on his knees and beg her for it!
  • Xia He’s mother shook her head at the display. Gu Zechuan looked like he really had regretted everything he had done. To such a man wallowing in his remorse and sadness, she just couldn’t bring herself to be as cruel as to deny him of his request.
  • She gritted her teeth tight, then let go and sighed, "Take her ashes, and leave."
  • Seeing that Xia He’s mother had agreed, immediately Gu Zechuan thanked her for it, and gently caressed the jar of ashes lying silently in his arms. Inside, was his most precious Mille.
  • "Mother, there is one more thing..." Gu Zechuan hesitated, unsure if he should bring it up. In the end, he decided to ask.
  • "What is it?" Xia He’s mother asked, in obvious tiredness.
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