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Chapter 23 Xia He’s Mother

  • The cup hit the floor and shattered into pieces, and Yang Qinglian froze in place. She didn’t expect that Gu Zechuan would be so rough as to hit the cup in her hand away, and she didn’t expect that the Gu Zechuan who had always been so gentle and kind to her would yell at her so harshly.
  • "Zechuan, please, you have to face the truth. Ms. Xia may be gone, but you still have me! Don’t do this to yourself, don’t drown yourself in alcohol. Please, just eat something..." Yang Qinglian said, maintaining her pretend concern in her voice. As long as Gu Zechuan was willing to eat, then she would have all the chances in the world to spike his food, or his alcohol.
  • "I, said, get, out! What part of it do you not understand!?" Gu Zechuan rose sharply, and smashed an empty wine bottle on the floor. The bottle shattered into tiny fragments and flew off in all directions, and some of the shards barely missing Yang Qinglian’s skin, grazing against it and almost drawing blood.
  • This frightened Yang Qinglian truly and completely. She scurried out of Gu Zechuan’s room, fearful that she might actually get hurt.
  • On the fourth day, Xu Feng finally brought Gu Zechuan the good news. He finally found where Xia He’s mother was living.
  • When Xu Feng came into Gu Zechuan’s house and into his room, all that was there was an empty shell of a man, drowning in a sea of alcohol. The great Gu Zechuan, reduced to nothing but a rundown drunkard, wasting his life away shoving down yet another bottle of spirit down his throat.
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