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Chapter 20 Yang Qinglian’s Secret

  • Before that day, before what happened on that day, Gu Zechuan didn’t used to hate Xia He that much. In actuality, before that day, he actually thought that Xia He would make a pretty decent life’s partner. And then, soon after he began to have emotions for Xia He, that happened, and since that time onwards, he began to see Xia He as a woman as venomous as snakes, a woman who’d stop at nothing to get what she wanted through any means possible regardless of what dirty acts she had to pull!
  • One year ago, he heard with his own ears what Xia He said to her friends. She said, that she exhausted all methods and tricks to be able to marry Gu Zechuan, and all for his money and the societal status as Mrs. Gu. She said to her friends that, she didn’t actually love Gu Zechuan, that every time when she expressed how much she loved him was nothing more than a facade, a fake make believe, all of it just to seduce Gu Zechuan into giving her his money and reap the benefits of being Mrs. Gu.
  • Remember how it had happened then, Gu Zechuan began to doubt what had actually happened. Thinking back, he only saw Xia He’s back, from behind her, so even to this day, there would be no way for him to know if that woman was actually Xia He, or not. But as he looked once again at the letter in his hands, the letter that Xia He wrote to him, he chose to believe in her. She was at the end of her life already, there was no point lying to him anymore.
  • After some times, Gu Zechuan’s assistant Xu Feng knocked on the door of his office. He knocked, and waited, and as he kept waiting for a long time and wasn’t able to hear any replies, Xu Feng made the decision to open the door to the president’s office regardless. When he came inside and saw Gu Zechuan, looking as though his soul had been snuffed out of him, Xu Feng was shocked. What could possibly have happened to him that made the great Gu Zechuan into an empty shell of a man that he was now?
  • "President Gu, there is... something, something that I’m not sure whether I should bring it up to you or not." Xu Feng hesitated for a while, before breaking it to Gu Zechuan.
  • Xu Feng was afraid that he might trigger Gu Zechuan’s anger if he spoke up now. It was a well known fact to all who had known him that Gu Zechuan’s anger could flare up just about anytime and anywhere. It was a tough decision to make, coming up to him and breaking the news to him.
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