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Chapter 15 He Won’t See Her One Last Time

  • At Xia He’s desperate plea, Gu Zechuan simply stared at her coldly.
  • He hugged Yang Qinglian as if she was the only thing that mattered in the world. Without even sparing an eye for the woman kneeling on the floor, he said, with disdain in his voice, "Xia He. Playing the innocent one yet again. I haven’t even began with you for stabbing my little Lian, and already you jumped right in to playing the victim? Have you not even the slightest sense of shame!? Stay there and reflect on your crime!"
  • With that Gu Zechuan turned and left the room with Yang Qinglian in his arms. He never looked back, at Xia He, now lying sprawled on the floor.
  • Overwhelmed with pain, Xia He laid on the floor, squirming. All strengths had left her, but still she struggled with whatever she still had. Desperately, she crawled to the door, or tried to, to leave her room. The caretaker that Xia He hired, who saw everything that had happened, was scared out of her wits. The last thing she wanted was having someone’s life on her hands. When she saw that Xia He was truly at the brink of her death struggling to hold on to her life, the caretaker immediately called the emergency line of the hospital, and only then was Xia He finally taken to the hospital.
  • It was already midnight when Xia He was finally admitted to the hospital’s emergency department. By that time, the cancerous cells in her had already begun spreading to every part of her system. Coupled with the child that was coming prematurely, there was no hope of even postponing the cancer. The only choice the doctor had, was either to save the immediate life of the adult, or that of the infant.
  • Since long ago, Xia He knew already that her days were numbered. Now that there was still a chance for the child, she chose the life of her child over her own without a second thought.
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