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Chapter 99 He Has A Fiancée

  • The party was already coming to an end, but I had yet to meet Christopher's parents. I looked around but did not see him. However, since they were the hosts, I figured I would definitely see them before the night ended. Timely enough, a melodious piano tune rang through the hall.
  • Everyone lowered their voices upon hearing the music and directed their gaze toward the woman who was playing the piano. She had her head lowered looking at the keys, so I could not see her face. Her deft fingers danced on the keys as the dulcet tune engulfed everyone present.
  • I got carried away listening to the soothing music, and it suspended the antipathy I felt toward Lyle.
  • The melody captured my soul, calling to mind all the good memories I treasured in my heart. I closed my eyes and rendered myself to the wave of emotions surging in my heart. Somehow, Christopher's face came to mind as I traveled down memory's lane.
  • The hall became quiet as the music washed over the crowd. No one spoke until the tune finally ended, and a round of applause rang.
  • I opened my eyes to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. The lady stood up and curtseyed to the crowd with a composed smile. She was no common woman. I could tell she was a wise woman from the glints of shrewdness in her eyes despite her graceful demeanor.
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