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Tension and Temptations Rising

  • To Amanda, the contact of their bodies, though brief, felt like acid and fire. Of the good and bad kind.
  • Bad - because she swore she felt like he was killing her with his touch. Bled and dried. Tortured and stolen of her essence.
  • Good - because she felt herself complete. Revived. Replenished of energy. Her nerve endings felt charged with a desirable electricity - an electricity that she could well be addicted too.
  • And because of these conflicts inside her, she realized that staying in the Vitalis Castle could be more dangerous than being chased by drug lords and loan sharks.
  • She needed to leave the place ASAP, but how will she explain this to Chief Moretti then?
  • She can’t say that the Master of the House just threatened to tie her up in the pillar. That’s just too embarrassing of a reason. She might have the Chief think they were experimenting BDSM.
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