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Chapter IX

  • A Fight and A Picture
  • When she heard footsteps coming from her right, Avellana opened her eyes. Usually whenever vampires sleep, their senses were on high alert-even more alert than she was feeling now that she was awake. She looked at the new recruits, tilting her head in the process. "It still isn't midnight, if you don't know that."
  • They wore new clothing, not those bloodstained rags she saw them wearing before.
  • "Frederick asked us to wake you up," Julie answered, suddenly taking interest on her shoes. Her two fingers twirled her braid and waited for the other to answer.
  • Avellana seized the satchel behind her once she stood up. They were also carrying a similar bag like hers, probably filled with weapons or stuff like that. Packing light was a must especially if they were going to travel around the world to find that damned stone.
  • She glanced at Blake who was avoiding her gaze, clenching his fists. Memories of the last few hours danced in her mind, making her take a step forward and face him. No matter how annoyed or angry he was at her, she felt it wasn't really right for her to start this off in such a wrong foot, especially if they were going to a quest with each other. "I'm sorry," she whispered, knowing fully well that he could hear her.
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