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  • The city's phenomenal West coastline is an idyllic place to drive where the land meets the sea. The entire route is breathtakingly beautiful, and the picturesque lighthouse that lies ahead brings irresistible charm. The pulsing heart of the sea causes a gentle swell and the waves cascade onto the shore. The palm trees are lined in serried rows and dip their heads in obedience to the sea. Series of streetlights lit the coastal road. The sea’s indefinable beauty reveals a galaxy of otherworldly scents. The pelagic smell of the salty waves lingered on her nostrils.
  • Boarded on his Aston Martin, Mort and Sumire are on their way to Erétria City. They traverse the long coastal road under the Full moon. No vehicles running that night except for them. The cold breeze gently kissed her rosy cheeks and her long midnight dancing in the unseen current. 
  • While the hunk man was driving her to the city's famous festival, Sumire was busy exploring Mort's abs feeling the deep narrow lines of his well-defined abdominal eight-pack in her hands. The maiden felt the heat exude out from him that gave warmth to her shivering body. 'I can do this all night...' Sumire naughtily smiled and bit her lower lip when a flash of erotic scene played in her mind.
  • Mort's lips raised at the audacity of the maiden in stroking his well-built muscular body.
  • "You're enjoying this ride too much," Mort suddenly uttered. "If you still want us to come to the Firework Festival on time, stop doing that." He added in a deep and gruff voice with a hint of warning in his tone. Sumire stopped, feeling threatened behind him.
  • "Why do you smell so good?" Sniffing, Sumire quickly swerve the subject and hugged Mort even tighter.
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