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  • Long minute of calming himself after fighting against the urge to be inside with her earlier, Mort dressed her back again. He scooped her out of the bed in a bridal style. When he came out of the suite, Klauss and the clean hallway opened up to him with no trace of blood or prints from the five people he had killed earlier.
  • "Boss, everything is already taken care of."
  • Klauss greeted him and glanced at the maiden who was fully enwrapped in her Boss's coat and sleeping soundly on Mort's broad masculine chest.
  • "How about the girl?" Mort asked in a cold tone. He found no one from their men known as THE CLEANERS left in the hallway. They all leave after they disposed of the dead bodies, leaving no traces of murder inside.
  • "Someone fetch her." Klauss bowed slightly and dared not to meet Mort's darkened eyes. He could feel the tremendous bloodlust oozing out from his Boss.
  • Mort never spoke again and preceded to walk out of the suite. The secretary immediately followed him to the basement of the Paradisò Hotel where the car is waiting for them.
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