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  • 9:30 am. It was a bright and sunny day. White, fluffy clouds drifted across the clear, blue sky. The fiery ball was at its mightiest and cast warm rays. The sweet gentle breeze swiped across the busy city. The city folk, young and old, hordes of shoppers flocks in the famous malls, peers, and families walked like shoals of fish in a myriad of directions. Parks were now hum of different activities. 
  • Every staff of the KCA building was busy preparing for Sumire’s press conference. The buzzing of chatters and gossip filled the place. Numbers of cars arrived one after another and there appeared flocks of reporters in their formal suits, journalists, photographers, and other media outlets. They all gathered in one place, setting up their cameras and other recording stuff inside.
  • Sumire, on the other hand, is in her private room in the KCA building, currently having her make-up and hair done by her professional make-up artist and hairstylist. The maiden just stared at her own reflection in the mirror while Eiryss stared at her on the side as if waiting for her explanation about the picture.
  • This is one likable trait of her manager that Sumire liked. Eiryss never asks about the issue that is repeatedly happening to her. She is always waiting for what Sumire has to say.
  • After she get dressed and her hair beautifully done, the maiden motioned to the makeup artists and others in the room to get out. They immediately obeys her and left the room. Sumire and Eiryss were left with a brewing silence dominating inside.
  • "You can ask me anything now," Sumire broke the silence, sitting in a high-end chair and still looking at herself in the luxurious oblong mirror. 
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