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Chapter 15 CONFIRMED?

  • 5 PM. The setting sun bathed the Brethren city's buildings in its warm light that kissed the vast horizon. The crescent moon and the blanket of stars emerge and stretch in the black velvety infinity in the West. The sunset filled the sky with a deep red flame, setting the clouds ablaze. The bustling of expensive cars started to reign on the city's roads. Constellation of lights began to showcase their spectacular beauty. An afternoon zephyr swept across the lively city. Bustling activities began to take place. Employees were fixing their stuffs together, tired and completely haggard in their suits, ready to depart home. 
  • Sumire's iconic smize and attractive smile was plastered on her lips while she sashayed down the black carpeted hallway along with the feral human walking like a black panther, tailing behind her. They were on their way out of the building. Her eyes were brighter than the thousands of black sapphires. She looks so fresh and beautiful even though she and Mort spent the whole day attending the conference.
  • As they sauntered down the hallway, people around them can't help but smile and admire her beauty. The pair strode in the place like Royalty while men and women bowed their heads in respect to them. Sumire slightly fixes her apparel and flaunts her beauty. Under that massive black coat was her voguish clothes. Hidden away from the predator's eyes of men in the building. Sumire was wearing Mort's black faux fur trenchcoat to make her warm against the cold afternoon breeze. She looks like a walking diamond and her beauty sparkles all over the place. But behind her was a pair of dark and smoldering emerald eyes piercing on each man standing in the way. A very tall and incredibly handsome hunk who has a strong build with defined muscles. His short dark-blue hair is sexily wet and disheveled, normally messy slicked back leaving a few strands of his hair that slightly cover his thick eyebrows and a glowing, piercing pair of foxy emerald-green eyes. He carried an imperious nose. With eyes as bright and spellbinding as lode stars, they bewitched all those who fell under his steady gaze. 
  • The man stands out from the place because of his cold, mysterious yet beautiful appearance. Mort strode in the place oozing dark auras around him that men employees were shrinking back on their feet. Men look at him with terror and fear. They dare not to look at the maiden anymore.
  • The smiles they had earlier are now replaced by fear. Their Boss was like a Demon God spreading evil and darkness all around accompanied by an angel, glistened in white.
  • A horde of female employees gathers in the same place, while simply eyeing, squealing inside while looking at their hot Boss and gossiping about her.
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