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Chapter 8

  • **CIARA POV**
  • "How will i get these injuries treated?" I thought painfully. No one wants to associate with me like i am some plague. I could not cry.... That is if there are more tears in my eyes.
  • I carried my self into my bathroom, i had a cold bath on my colored injuries. Ouch! It hurts. I could not take the pain from the cold, i wore my clothes, as i was about stepping into the room, i started having blurry vision. Before you know it i fainted.
  • *****************
  • I found myself in the most beautiful place i have ever seen. A place with a beautiful waterfall with different colorful flowers and tall trees, the beautiful view of a rainbow during sunset, butterflies moving around freely, then a butterfly came to my side, as i wanted to take it into my hand, it flew away. I started following it, trying to get to perch on my index finger but it kept moving away. Then it stopped, i looked around for it but could not find it. I turned around trying to located but could not find it, then it hits me, i was in another place, this place is a field with few flowers surrounding it. My eyes caught something..... or rather someone ----- two people sitting side by side.
  • They stood up and turned towards me. Wait..... Tell me it is a dream...... It looks like i am in a trance right now....... Look likes the world stopped rotating. .... The earth stood still for some seconds.
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