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Chapter 4

  • **NICOLE POV** My eyes stared in to the crowd searching for my brother, well, i caught the beta, Lucas, kissing a lady. Awww.. I kind of mindlinked him, he turned and saw me, i smiled and he returned with a little smile of his. Coming to me, "Good day." I said. "How was your journey?" He asked. "Fun." I said. I introduced him to my friends and he introduced me the lady, i found out that she was his mate. "Where is my brother?" I asked him. "He is on his way here." He replied. "Alright." I said. "Enjoy the party girls." He said before leaving us. **XANDER POV** "Where is my sister?" I asked Lucas. "Over there." He replied pointing to the direction. I went over there and met her with her friends, a smile crept on my lips. As i got there,she saw me and ran to jump on me, i was quick to catch her. "My sweetest brother." She said. "How much i missed you." I said planting a kiss on her forehead. At this time my wolf was trying to tell me something but because of the fact that I am just seeing my sister in years, i am happy. "And who are this pretty ladies?" I asked and they all blushed.There has been this sweet intoxicating scent that filled my nostrils but i do not know, it seems to be coming from one of her friends. "Meet my friends, this is Ella, Stacy, Olivia, and lastly Eunice." She introduced by pointing to each of them. "Well, you guys should that he is my brother." She said to her friends. They stretched their hands out and i shook them, then it came to this beautiful blonde girl,i stared into her emerald green eyes and shook hands only for sparks to erupt in our bodies, wait...... She is my mate. "Mate." I growled, now i see the reason Killain was feeling nervous. I went closer to her. "What is your name?" I asked her. "Eunice." She replied shyly. "A beautiful name for a beautiful mate." I said and she blushed. "Oh my goodness,i cannot believe this so Eunice is your mate apparently she is my sister in law." Nicole said while i nodded. "Please excuse us." I said holding my mate's hands and went away. I guess Nicole already told her about us. **CIARA POV** " The Alpha summons you". The guard said. "For what?" I inquired. "How am i supposed to know?" He said annoyed. "Huh, sorry, let us go." I said.I noticed we are not going to the Alpha's office but the route to the dungeon. "Oh, did he see me?" I thought regretting my action already. Oh, please moon goddess, save me please. As you already know, she does the exact opposite of my prayer. The Alpha walked in. "Oh, hi, Coat." He said in a mocking tone. "Greetings to you ,Alpha Xander." I greeted bowing my head. He kept taunting and teasing me and while doing he was whipping me. Then he suddenly stopped and walked out of the dungeon. I stood up with the newly made bruises from the whippings and left the dungeons for my house. On getting home, i closed my door and slid down crying.. .... The pain is way too much.... Suffering for what I did not do ..... Ah..... My life I drift to sleep on the floor... Next morning.... .. Grrrrrrr! Grrrrrrr! Grrrrrrrr!The sound of the alarm woke me up. "Ugh...... Another day." I said going into my bathroom. After doing the needful, I came out dried my hair with a worn out town and slipped into a leggings that has gone crazy due to the beatings and tank top with at shirt. With the injuries on my body, even a mannequin is more beautiful than me. Looking into my halfly broken mirror, i saw how tattered i was, injuries that already turned purple because of lack of treatment. Sighing, i got out of the house and walked to the pack house. Cleaning and cooking is my daily chores, i need not be told what to do. I prepared pasta and chicken sauce for breakfast, i ate mine and left for school. **NICOLE POV** Finally, my brother found his mate and that to be my best friend, Eunice. I am yet to find my own mate, i cannot wait at all. Eunice is quite lucky.I am going to school today, i already missed my friends. Going downstairs, i met Stacy, Ella and Olivia. "Where is Eunice?" I asked obviously knowing where she is. "Where else will she be?" Stacy said smirking. "With her mate of course." Ella chipped in. I smiled. "Do you girls want to leave me behind?" I heard a voice from behind me, i turned to Eunice with my brother holding her by her waist. "I was thinking you would want to go since you are with your mate, he could teach on the bed, you know." Olivia said teasing her. Eunice blushed. "Okay, girls enough of the teasing, let us go or we will be late. "I said after giving my brother a brief hug. "Yeah, c'mon." Eunice said carrying her bag and giving my brother a little goodbye kiss."I never knew mate could be this possessive and touchy." Eunice said. "You are just getting started babe." Stacy said. As we got to school, we met Kira, Janet and Lola. "Oh, hey, Kira." I said to her. "You are in school today." She said happily to me. "I just decided to come to a lively environment not like we need it." I said shrugging. "Meet my friends, Stacy, Ella, Eunice who is my brother's mate and Olivia." I introduced them to her. I noticed her countenance changed, before she masked it and introduced her friends to them, since we already know Janet, she introduced Lola. We chatted and talked while going into the class . As we were about to enter the class, we bumped into a disgusting looking lady. I felt irritated and shocked,the doctors had told me to stay away from anything that will be a shock to me, i had this issue since my parents death. With the shock, i fainted.