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Chapter 2

  • **CIARA POV** After I stopped by the lake, I looked at my reflection in the lake, i shifted in to my human form bent down and started crying, 10 years of being bullied....... 10 years of bearing pain and insults........ 10 years of being misunderstood...... 10 years of striving to survive..... 10 years of being in pain. I wonder why I'm still alive, after several beating from the pack members, not just only them but i became an object for training for the pack warriors. The feeling of being hated, neglected and being in bondage, or rather captivity. Run away....... I have considered that several times but i just could not leave. I mean if i leave here, i turn rogue. "Urgh! Never" i spat. I cried, shouted, screamed, yelled. When there were no more tears, i stood up and wore my almost torn clothes,there were dirty but who cares, i sighed. As i was walking, i started remembering the hurtful past event, i did not realize i already gotten to the pack house. As i went inside and i decided to cook scrambled eggs and bacon with cheese for dinner. Well, I'm a very good cook all thanks to the pack. If there was one thing the pack members don't complain about, that should be food. Actually at first, they would make it look like it was not well cooked or it was salty or it was peppery. But over the years, they accepted my cooking. That is why they get kind of annoyed each time i wake up late. After i was done with cooking dinner, a guard came to tell me that the Alpha summoned me. Knocking on the door, "Come in. "his husky voice said. I entered with my head bowed. "Greetings to you, Alpha." I greeted.He looked up from his paperwork, "As you know my younger sister will be coming home tomorrow, there is going to be an homecoming party for her, so i want you to make sure the pack house is very clean and neat because she does not like dirt." He said while doing his paperwork. "Okay, Alpha." I said and was about to leave when i heard his voice. "Wait, also please do stay away from her, don't let her see you because she might pass out on seeing your disgusting face." He said in a mocking tone. I can survive this....... I can bear it...... I won't break down right in front of him. ... I kept chanting in my mind as i left. I decided to go to my room which was kind of far from the pack house. Alpha Xander made sure that it was beyond sight for the pack visitors, so that they won't say anything bad about the pack. Alpha Xander put almost all his efforts to rebuild our pack. My room was small place with halfly broken window, wooden bed with torn bed sheets and wooden door. My clothes were packed in a small bag placed in a corner, i don't have many clothes even the ones i have are already torn due to the beatings from the pack members. I stitched them together with some needle and thread. I laid on my bed, turned to the side facing the window and stared at the sky. Slowly...... ever slowly, i began to close my eyes and drifted off to sleep. ******************* No, i did not kill them ...... I did not....... I did not..... please...... stop talking..... I did not kill them... . "Nooooooooooo". I jerked up and i was sweating profusely. The nightmare that keeps haunting me. The day i became an orphan,got demoted to an omega and lost my best friends. I got up from the bed, i went to the pack house to clean. After cleaning, i cooked pancakes and coffee for breakfast. I left to prepare for school. "Ah, why must i go to school?" I said to myself, not like i learn anything there but to be bullied by other students. "So as not to be illiterate, dummy." My wolf replied with sarcasm in her voice. Oh, she is awake . "I never said i was sleeping." She said in a duh tone and rolled her eyes. My wolf can be very annoying some times but she has always been my companion ...... Fighting everyday for survival and never giving up . I can say she is stronger than me. "Oh now you know that I'm stronger than you." She said. "Well, so as for you to know, i was thinking about my mate." She said dreamily.I could picture the image in her head. I sighed. I got to school and was welcomed by the insults of other students. I bowed my head while walking, I'm used to the insults already. All thanks to the Alpha, i did not come to school yesterday so i was feeling less pain. I prayed to the moon goddess to save from getting bullied today but my prayers came rather too late. My main bullies, Kira, Janet and Lola, came out of a class and bumped into me. Oh moon goddess! "Good day to you." I bowed. "Oh, you are in school today." Janet, Beta Lucas mate, said twirling her hair with her finger. "Yeah, i was told she was getting punished ." Lola said. Kira was just staring at me, she took a step forward and made some noisy sound with the gum she was chewing. Eww!! Tavia said. I almost laughed at her.They dropped their bags each on the floor. "Pick them up and follow us." Kira said finally after staring at me. I could say there was nothing in their bags because it was so light. I trailed behind them with my head bowed. While we were going to the class, some students were laughing at me but i did not let it get to me.