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Chapter 13

  • **XANDER POV**
  • I trust her and she broke the trust. I loved her but she pretended to love me. What a waste of love.
  • "Ahrrrggghhh!!!!!" I yelled as i threw everything in my office away.
  • I felt betrayed and heartbroken. My so called other half slept with another man in an hotel. Gosh, i have been a fool all along the while. Oblivious to see the real her.
  • As the time i met her, i thought my years of staying alone was over, i felt that i had someone who i could come back to and cry in her bosom, i felt like i found who will willingly and eventually stay by my side and won't leave, who will accept every part of me, who will correct me when i am wrong, but no,i thought wrong.
  • "Fuck, Xander, what have you done to your office?" Lucas yelled as he barged in.
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