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Delivery Boy? I'm the Master

Delivery Boy? I'm the Master

Last update: 2023-11-03

Chapter 1 : Malice

  • Jiangzhou, outside the luxurious private room of a hotel.
  • "Qianqian, is that you?"
  • The delivery boy, Qin Sheng, was stunned when he saw the woman who opened the door.
  • The woman was wearing a revealing silk nightgown, and it was his fiancée, Chen Qian.
  • Qin Sheng, who was delivering food to the hotel's private room, never expected that his fiancée would be the one to open the door.
  • Chen Qian was also surprised to see him.
  • "What are you doing here?" Qin Sheng had a bad feeling in his heart.
  • "Qianqian, did the food delivery arrive?" At that moment, a strange male voice came from the bathroom in the room.
  • Upon hearing the voice, Qin Sheng felt his vision darken, as his fiancée was actually staying in a hotel with a stranger.
  • "Why are you here? Who is that man inside?" Qin Sheng shouted, his face showing veins.
  • A fat man, shirtless with a towel around his waist, walked out from inside.
  • "Oh, Qianqian, is this your fiancé who delivers food? What a coincidence," the fat man said with a playful and contemptuous look in his eyes.
  • "Explain yourself!" Qin Sheng shouted at Chen Qian.
  • "Well, you've seen it all, what's there to explain? It's your fault for delivering food to Xinglong Hotel," Chen Qian said with a smirk after a moment of unnatural expression, crossing her arms.
  • "You..."
  • "Why!" Qin Sheng felt like he was burning inside, his hands clenched into fists, his nails digging into his palms, but he didn't feel the pain.
  • "You don't even take a good look at yourself. With the hundred thousand dowry money you scraped together, do you think you're worthy of marrying me, Chen Qian? My mother asked for a five hundred thousand dowry, did you give it? My brother owes three hundred thousand in online loans, did you pay it off?"
  • Chen Qian proudly raised her head, playing with the diamond necklace around her neck.
  • "Be realistic, what future can you, a delivery boy, have? The luxury bags and brands that I like, you can't earn them even if you work hard for ten years. It was your honor to date me in the past!"
  • "With your family's situation, and a nagging old mother who's like a curse, spending money on you is like asking for death. You can't even repay my brother's online loans."
  • Chen Qian shook her head and sneered.
  • "When did you start seeing him?" Qin Sheng gritted his teeth and asked.
  • "Why do you care? Let me tell you, I've been with Xu Shao for a long time."
  • "He's the real man."
  • Chen Qian turned her head and looked at the fat man with seductive eyes, falling into his embrace.
  • Qin Sheng was thunderstruck by what he heard.
  • His heart was bleeding! Unwilling! Angry!
  • "I'll earn money for you, and this is how you treat me!"
  • "What's wrong? I want to live the life I want, and since you can't give it to me, I naturally have to find someone else." Chen Qian said with a sense of righteousness, not hiding her disdain in her eyes.
  • The fat man lit a cigar, holding Chen Qian in his arms, watching everything with great interest, his face full of mockery.
  • "You should call me 'senior'. Actually, I feel sorry for you. You're about to get married, but you haven't even slept together. Consider this money as compensation for taking care of Qianqian. As for sleeping with her, let me handle it."
  • The fat man smirked and took out a wad of money from the bag hanging on the wall, throwing it on the ground.
  • "Take this money and get lost. Don't bother me again. I can't stand your poor and pathetic appearance." Chen Qian said coldly.
  • "You two scumbags!" Qin Sheng roared and threw the food he was holding at them.
  • The two of them were hit by the food, splashing soup all over them, and their faces changed instantly.
  • "Qin Sheng, you're asking for death!"
  • "I'll make you crawl out of here like a dog later!"
  • Chen Qian shouted.
  • "Help!" After the fat man shouted, the hotel's duty manager and several security guards rushed over in a hurry.
  • "Xu Shao, what can I do for you?" The manager nodded and bowed to the fat man.
  • "This delivery boy tried to assault my girlfriend and even hit me."
  • "Throw him out!" The fat man pointed at Qin Sheng.
  • "Yes, he assaulted me. Help!" Chen Qian screamed, her eyes filled with malice.
  • "Alright, you audacious delivery boy, let's see what you're made of!" The manager commanded the security guards, who then started ruthlessly beating Qin Sheng with rubber batons.
  • Although Qin Sheng was just a delivery boy, he had been practicing martial arts and had good physical fitness. For a moment, he wasn't knocked down and was able to fight back.
  • Seeing this scene, the fat man's eyes filled with even more malice.
  • "You bunch of useless people!" He picked up his phone, preparing to call someone.
  • "Qin Sheng!"
  • "How dare you resist!" Chen Qian screamed.
  • She panicked when she saw Qin Sheng's eyes burning with anger, staring at her intently.
  • "Oh, by the way, you have a sister, Qin Xiaoru, studying at Jinling University, right?"
  • Chen Qian's eyes turned, and a malicious smile appeared on her face.
  • "What are you planning to do?"
  • Qin Sheng, who was still fighting, was shocked.
  • "If you dare to resist again, tomorrow your sister will end up in some beggar's bed!" Chen Qian shouted.