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Chapter 62 -A Chance of a New Life

  • " Lianne, look at me!Please, look at me!"
  • Ruen adjusted his hold, anchoring an arm around her head so that her face would lift up.
  • Lianne's vision was blurred but she could clearly see the pained expression on his face. She had never seen this kind of expression from him before. Never. It was breaking her heart.
  • " Please don't look at me like that, " she mockingly requested, sounding slightly raspy. " You don't fit that kind of expression at all. " She gave him an apologetic smile and then coughed up blood.
  • " No, don't speak anymore. Rest!The doctor will be here soon. " He placed a constant pressure on the wound on her back with his free hand. This, he did so despite having a deep laceration on his left forearm too.
  • " Ruen. . . " she uttered in a weak voice. She winced abruptly when she felt the stabbing sensation on her abdomen.
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