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Chapter 55 -Sailing Away from You

  • When Ruen glanced at Lianne while he was at the bakery shop, he saw her enjoying the lion float that was passing by. He noticed the commotion as the float arrived and saw that the platform flooded immediately with spectators because of it. He saw the little boy sitting highly at the top of his father's shoulder;however, because of it, he wasn't able to discern the face of the man that situated himself right at Lianne's back.
  • After he bought three chocolate muffins though and walked back towards the platform, he noticed her acting rather unusually. The expression on her face became tense and troubled. By the time he realized something wasn't right, he already saw her being hauled out of the railing by the unknown man.
  • Their eyes met and the alarm in her eyes were enough to instantly tell him she was in danger. He dropped the box of muffins into the ground and immediately took off to the platform like a madman on a rampage.
  • " Lianne!" he shouted loudly.
  • He saw her being pulled into the crowd of people. Though he tried hard to reach her, he was unable to. Pushing the onlookers out of his way in a frantic search for her was a good way, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.
  • Ruen stood at a more spacious area, frantically scanning the whole area for her, but the multitude of people in the streets made it difficult.
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