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Chapter 11 -Intoxicated Attempt

  • It was ten minutes past six in the evening when Lady Faye fetched the princess in her room. When the door opened, the Head Servants's eyes twinkled, thoroughly pleased with the youth and beauty that the princess possessed.
  • She was wearing a light pink satin gown, perfectly draped in layers starting from her waist down to the legs with a trail that was only a meter long. Lady Faye anticipated the princess to dance during the ball, so she opted to pick the very gown that would suit the occasion.
  • And suit her it did.
  • It was an off-shoulder gown, with the edges meticulously embroidered with gold roses and silver fiddleback ferns. There was a slit above-the-knee high in the left part of the gown that boasted Lianne's ivory smooth legs.
  • The only accessory that added her beauty was a pair of small chandelier diamond earrings and the beaded bracelet she had for her birthday. Her hair was done into a fashion that maintained her propriety but at the same time, bragged her slim curved back.
  • A couple of curls fell down to the sides, but mostly her hair was in a high up-do with an ornamental pin that she got also on her birthday. This was given by Lady Faye herself.
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