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Chapter 98 Don’t tell her, until Carlos isn’t conscious yet

  • ((( JEFF POV’s )))
  • Social medias already have already hooked to be affectionate to my fake family. My wedding immediately trended to any platform. All having a good feedback. I got good actors. Their social medias account has been checked by several netizens. The kids quietly grow in care of my secretary, Jay. Missamy’s social media account is not a problem either, she just posts everything about foods. Reason why Carlos don’t bother to deactivate her account.  And one of her posts it says;
  • “Craving for this…” Fried fish dipped in ube ice cream. She is really pretty weird. “I might pregnant.” Her post six years ago.  Well, that’s pretty accurate Missamy. That is really suited in our scripted story.
  • She mentioned that she logged in her account in my tablet. I got an access to her account. Checked her account and see there are several of people sending her messages. And I don’t want to read any of them. Just curious of changing her profile picture, in our wedding photo. I smiled a bit when I change it successfully.  
  • I am not anymore surprised when her notification was flooded with reactions and comments which was increasing every single second. I am a famous person married a commoner woman. Mostly people love that kind of Cinderella story. Well done Jeff. You gain people trust.
  • But… Someone just posted a bad comment and hatred about the news. There are many girls out there who admire me, and it is normal for me.  I deleted the bad comments and blocked the user right away. I’m so sorry Missamy. I guess you have to deal with lots of people as you wake up tomorrow, for this relationship which is takes for a few months.
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