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Chapter 90 A family who’s always there to love us

  • (Jeff POV's)
  • “Hmm…, You know what Jean. We are not really meant for each other. There might be certain people for us. A certain person who is fated to love and protect us even before we were born out of this world. There are thousands and millions of uncertainties that we have to face… And good thing is. We have our family… A family who’s always there to love us.” Not everyone has a good family Missamy. Sometimes the first hatred we received in life was from them. Your blessed to have a charming environment.  “That is why bro Jean I am convincing you to never lose hope. Someone was waiting for you out there. Even much prettier than Jeff’s wife, HAHAHA.”
  • No. Honestly your beautiful Missamy. Why? Your extraordinary personality makes you unique and beautiful creature than the others.
  • “Whoa! Jeff, Did you just hear that? Missamy is admitting that she’s not pretty.”
  • “She’s so beautiful on my sight.” Shin laughed, and Jean… He was speechless and just take his seat without a word responding back to Missamy. He was unintentionally embarrassed by this woman.  I can see much frustration on his face. He is dead loss from what he started. He wants me to humiliate but I don’t expect that Carlo’s sister is smart enough to know who her boss is. Good Missamy.
  • Until Missamy look dizzy and accidentally fall the mic.  She’s losing her balance and focus. My responsibility right now is to take good care of this girl. tsk! I get the mic because it creates a disturbance sound and it is time to bid farewell.
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