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Chapter 8 I hate the way he talks.

  • ( Missamy Charm POV;s )
  • “Charm, they’re already downstairs.” My brother called me, and I immediately went down without even combing my hair.
  • “I’m coming.” I answered while binding my hair.
  • I hurriedly went down, and open the gate. There are two guys wearing black suit with matching black eyeglasses waiting. I waved my hands to greet them. Feeling close I am right?
  • In a little while, my brother followed wearing his formal clothes looking like a lawyer as if he will be going to a court trail.
  • It is too difficult to iron that uniform!
  • He directly goes inside the van and opened its door. He looked at me…
  • “Go inside.”
  • “Okay.” I replied feeling tension. Worrying not to do my part and my brother would lose his job.
  • On our way, I tried talking to my brother who’s busy with his tablet while glancing at the folder from time to time. And Yes, you’re right, he didn’t even answer me back. What a shame on me.
  • “You know what bro, I was just wondering why I am feeling nervous.”
  • Then whoa! I get his attention. Maybe because I am asking awhile ago with nonsense things. 
  • “Chill. You’ll get more nervous when you’re already in front of him, that would be less than later, you’ll see. But you need not to worry Charm, he won’t eat you. He just don’t want noisy person. So, you better shut up your mouth. When he asked, you must answer him directly without any hesitation. Are we clear Charm?” He told me all these things without even looking at me.
  • So hilarious. My brother is really rare. You wouldn’t find a mean brother like him I’m telling you. HAHA
  • “Okay”. I answered back. “But I’m just really curious all this time, you’ve been working to him and you never ever mentioned that he’s your boss?”
  • “Because I don’t want to.” I hate the way he talks.
  • He’s really like that. He answers in a way that will end the conversation. No more, no less.
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