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Chapter 75 What have you done Ivy

  • ((( IVY POV’s )))
  • I can’t even take it, looking at Jeff passionately kiss his fake bride. The kiss was is not anymore, an act. His bride, her name is Missamy Charm. She’s a sister of one of Jeff’s secretary. I looked for him… there you are Carlos. Bullshit. He is planning for something. He is really against me being with Jeff. I could say that he knows something more than Jeff second secretary knowledge who investigate me secretly. He conduct also his own interrogation. Such a plenty of time, Juan Carlos. Tss.  
  • Now he is planning for something. I won’t allow it to succeed. He wants to manipulate Jeff feelings by using her sister! Something that would be good for his betterment.
  • At first, Juan Carlos was all against about the plan. A plan to put a win card against Jeff family. Jeff was not able to get the Elder position if we don’t do this. According to their family tradition, in order to gain the position, one of the Elder sons must have already his own family. They will use this strategy. They need a child, and it would never call a family if there is no mother.  Carlos is desisted Jeff from doing this as we will going to the deceive the elder. Knowingly that the Elder, Jeff’s father is meticulous old man. It is difficult to act at the front of the elder and finding a perfect bride will be strenuous task. A girl who would pretend to be Jeff’s fake wife. Then all of a sudden, he just let his sister do the task? His actions are really suspicious.
  • Looking back to Jeff’s fake bride, everyone could say, and I admit, she’s beautiful. But knowing the fact that I am the only girl inside Jeff’s heart, I can guarantee, and I am sure he wouldn’t leave me. He is loyal. He loved me as if I am the only woman he can see. For the past eight years, many things had happened but still, he is always there for me. He never leaves my side. He patiently waits, until I answer back his wedding proposal with a “yes.” But my situation is one of the reasons why I suddenly accept Jeff’s proposal, the authority was after me. Why I can’t be Jeff’s bride in this moment.
  • Though something is really bothering me about this Carlos. I have this strong feeling that he knows something about me. He is doing a secret investigation, just to ruin my image to Jeff and to discover my deepest darkest secrets.
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