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Chapter 70 Rule Number One

  • ( Missamy POV's)
  • I opened the folder which my brother has let me sign without even reading what it is about.
  • Act as a perfect wife.  Rule number One.
  • Then I looked at Jeff. Just as you know. Nobody’s perfect mister. I mean… even if you go anywhere in this world. You wouldn’t find someone perfect. Even the number one hundred percent isn’t perfect! There would still be next which is one hundred one. Are you that fool Jeff?
  • “Hmm. Mister De Guzman, can you explain in detail the so called “PERFECT WIFE?”
  • “Oh, Miss Missamy you have to act appropriately and properly just like your Mother.”  I heard Jeff cleared his throat. He is trying to stop Jay from saying something… Something smells fishy again. And another thing is, why would they mention my mother in this situation?
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