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Chapter 66 She is Innocent

  • ( Jeff  POV's )
  • I hold Missamy’s hand again as we walk to the aisle. This girl is awkward like a shit! Tsk.  Hey! They will notice that you are not that sweet and clingy type of wife, tsk! Remember we just got married… you need to act that we are both excited and delighted.
  • I faked a smile and whispered to her….
  • “You’re good at kissing back Missamy.” she stopped from walking. Glare at me as if he can topple me. She pulled me towards her. Smiling at me, face tilted while staring at my face.
  • “Sorry?! WHAT?! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY??? YOU MEAN ME? I KISSED YOU BACK! COME ON JEFF! YOU’RE SUCH A WISHFUL THINKER! TSK!”  I answered her with a nod. Well, I know I am lying. I acknowledge and fully understand that her first kiss is such precious to her.  The way she reacts is quite understandable for me. First kiss for girls is such a big deal.
  • “So, you’re making a scene now Missamy?” DON’T YOU DARE.
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