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Chapter 63 First kiss

  • (((Carlos POV’s)))
  • My chest seems to burst because of the pain I’m feeling now. It hurts a lot. It really hurts.
  • I am already pale. I’m feeling cold, feeling the cold sweat all over my body but, I have decided I have to let this of. I have to endure the pain, even it seems to have killed me now.  Hold on Carlos. Hold on.
  • Jeff… Please I ask you, I am begging you… Please be responsible to my sister. It would be her first kiss.
  • Missamy, I am sorry for putting you in this kind of situation of your life. I’m really sorry Maria Missamy Charm Opiana. This is the last thing I can do for you…
  • I just bowed my head when my sister looked at me too. Sorry I really need to do this. For you…. This is all for you.
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