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Chapter 62 “Why do you have to kiss me?’

  • (((JEFF’S POV’s)))
  • Never in my life I have met a person like this, this girl right in front of me. Tell me Carlos, for real? Did you get this sister of yours in Mars? Or I’d rather say did you let her grew up in that planet? She seems to think like differently than the normal people. She seemed an Alien!
  • Everything looks like new to her. Well thinking about it, it is really her first time being married, I can’t blame her then, but I mean… tsk!  She’s so good in wondering. She acts an innocent little kid. I just can’t say if she’s really suited for this role. We’ll let’s see.
  • “You may now kiss the bride.” I just heard the priest pronounce these words while a smile on his face.
  • Tss. I know what he’s thinking. He thinks I’ve been waiting for this moment. This moment where I will be able to kiss this girl. I sighed and tell myself I have to do this. Once again I smiled… a smile that seems to show the thought of I really wanted to kiss this girl right in front of me, for the sake of my audience to believe us.
  • I looked at Missamy and she’s no longer smiling now. I hold her shoulder, I was about to kiss her…
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