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Chapter 52 Sh*t! Why am I thinking like this?!

  • ( Jeff POV's ) 
  • Who is she? She really looks like familiar to me. She’s so clumsy and I am familiar with this type of movement. Have I met her once?
  • I can see her face from behind the veil…I am trying to recognize her eyes. I haven’t really met and known Carlos’ sister since then. They really have different attitude. The way this girl acts is far more different from Carlos.
  • Then, the Priest called my attention…then I just looked at Ivy. I already warned her not be here. Everything I have to do in here, she has to witness and I know she really get hurt. This is the reason why I couldn’t act well. I am trying to gather myself though. Thinking that Carlos’sister is also on game, she wouldn’t let me deceive her.Tsss. her hands are cold.
  • Then, I just see myself wanting to hold it, but I resist…I don’t want to be attracted by anything about this girl. I am going to stick with my fiancé. Yes, whoever she will  become…even though…but something is really bothering me…the lucky charm bracelet. Is this girl the same as her…the girl who carried my anger on that very day ten years ago. Is it really her?
  • She looked up on me,  I am taller than her then she started telling the words that I should have just heard only from my fiancé
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