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Chapter 51 Why is that money is so in demand in this world!

  • ( Missamy Charm POV's )
  • Not joking? Wow. I just wish this guy is really having his promise on me. His words were so yummy to listen to. HAHAHA but, this wedding is just fake.
  • He looked at me annoyingly...Tss… He seems to be blaming me because he was forced to say these sweet words right in front of me. Well, to tell you Jeff and for you to know, it doesn’t suits you either. Promise. You got to trust me.
  • Then here I am, I smiled as well, I felt the what they so called vow. Then I thought it is all over…well,, not yet, wait, there’s more…hold on, I didn’t memorize that line. This is what my brother is letting me memorize inside the car. But I just keep thinking about my nervousness. Anyways, I don’t have to worry, it is my nature to be sweet. I am the only Charm my brother Carlos has. I am intelligent. Trust me guys….
  • “I will trust and honor you.” Are you sure about that Jeff…even this time, first day of this this whole lie we are doing in this world. Wow, just definitely amazing…
  • You better trust me then, I wouldn’t reveal this plan of yours.
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