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Chapter 43 Why would I have to marry him?!

  • ( Missamy POV's )
  • My eyes met Jeff’s…he’s the campus crush in my school, he have never been to our school but my crazy classmates have a crush on him. I will really tell to my brother what you have done to me, you are the guy who cursed me right? The guy who in my whole life I hated bumping again… because he would really curse you.
  • I smiled at him, I know he can still see my face behind this veil right? I just hope you still remember who I am…I really had a bad day back then because of you…
  • He offered his hand to me. I hold my brother’s arm tighter again. I don’t want to do it bro…I can really kick him I swear, he does bad thing to me. I don’t really care if I will be called wild hen. It is still better to be a native hen instead of the fake forty five days chicken! We only eat feeds when my bro buys it!
  • But… my brother insisted to take my hand off from holding his arm.
  • Brother…Let’s just get married…I don’t really like to marry this guy. Yes, he has angelic face. Pointed nose, red lips that is much better than Edward who sipped Bella’s blood. Very long eyelashes and dark eyebrows that’s for sure. I can see his rude attitude again when I broke a plate. I am used to my brother being mean. Please brother, why are you doing this to me?
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