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Chapter 4 Soon, right after your wedding.

  • ( Missamy Charm POV's )
  • “Oh my gosh! I am not mistaken! I do really have a great day?! Breakfast is served!” I freak out. Looking to my brother who just recover for what I have done. 
  • Hmmm? I wonder what’s new on him. Anyways…  
  • “Thanks bro.” with my best smile.  “Is it my birthday?” asking him as he joined me in dining table. He smirked and ...
  • “I don’t even waste my money to that kind occasion Charm. Such a waste.” He is thrifty. Too thrifty!
  • “Well, if it’s not my birthday then it’s yours? Right?” My brother grins. As if I don’t know his birthday.
  • “Tss. You should check the calendar. Too advance?  You’re rushing, I’ll get old easily.”
  • “So, if no one is celebrating a birthday, what’s the occasion? You prepare this.” Because my brother is also an early bird.  “Did you get promoted?” I consecutively asked while eating.
  • “Soon, right after your wedding.” that's an unexpectable respond. Is he starting to joke with me? Hehehe. Try me Carlos. 
  • “Wedding?!” too fancy dream of mine. But I am not yet ready. Who would be ready if I haven’t met my groom? Duh…  “What a word. Hello? Are you out of your mind? That would happen five years from now," showing my five fingers to him.  "And that would only happen if… And only if, my prince charming has arrived!" as I clasp my hand then put it in my side of my check, daydreaming again. 
  • But my brother... is not a joke, about being a killjoy.
  • He just kicked my feet under the table!
  • "And what’s the connection of my wedding to your promotion?” responding while recreating scenarios on my mind that make me smile. Multi-tasking is not a problem to me. 
  • “You know what bro; I have a very good-looking Ideal man.” Come to me! My hubby!
  • Until my daydreaming cut by my brother by responds again. 
  • “Five hours from now.” It is a jawdrop respond. I wonder, what he eaten last night? 
  • He continues eating while giving me sarcastic look. I keep staring back  to him. 
  • “You know what; I’ve been wondering if you’re still dreaming bro. Five years seem too fast for you. You just converted it to five hours? Seriously? That’s ridiculous! And take note: I’m single." stating the fact.  "I never had a boyfriend, and you haven’t met him yet. And hahahahaha! You will be the one to decide if he’s the right guy for me. He will still serve you just like he has to win your heart first before mine. I know you’ll let him do the old style of courtship.”
  • Kinda interesting brother. Ahahaha. I laugh as the thought playing in my mind. That man will fetch a water, cut a firewoods and sing a song to me at the window. (Harana, Filipino traditional Courtship)
  • “I‘m deadly serious Charm.” cutting my daydream again. 
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