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Chapter 36 Gambler

  • ( Jeff POV's )
  • The butler handed a folder which contains the documents his sister has to sign.
  • “First, she has to act as my perfect wife. No one should notice that she is just pretending. If not, her salary and the benefits would not be sent on her account. And mind you Carlos, this is for the sake of my life and of course her life as well. If the elder finds out about this not on the right time, they are going to kill us. So, please make everything clear to her. You have to explain this thoroughly,she should act aprropriately and accordingly.”
  • “Have you reminded yourself of that? You also have to exert effort Jeff.” Then I just sipped a cup of tea served to me.
  • “I’m pro on it. Don’t question my skills and qualities Carlos. And another thing is, I told you to look for a girl who is not interested into relationship, that is one of the qualifications my fake bride should have. With a clean record and profile. I wonder it is really difficult to look for that type of girl, is this the reason you just took your sister as my fake bride Carlos? “ I continued drinking my tea. “This only means for five months she shouldn’t be in a relationship, if that fails this will all be ruined because of issues.”
  • “Tss, Jeff listen, my sister is already twenty-five, and she never been in a relationship.”
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