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Chapter 32 I admire his martyrdom.

  • ( Jeff POV's )
  • Jay left us when his phone rang and went outside the room. And I almost laughed at Carlos when he takes this opportunity to tell me…
  • “Jeff, when my sister is already living with you please do not hurt her. Please do take good care of her as
  • much as possible.” Carlos said in a very concerned and worried manner.
  • “Your sister accepted the offer to work for me. Right? Well she have to know how I treat all of my employees.”  Hey Carlos! Don't think I'll treat your sister special! She is just a worker.
  • “Is your sister is a child? Don’t stupid Carlos, I need a mature woman and old enough to be taken care herself.” I told Carlos sarcastically with a grin. And one thing for sure, I would never do that. Taking care of a person who is nothing with me. TSK! NEVER!!
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