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Chapter 30 I guess, this is my winning move.

  • (((Jeff POV’s)))
  • “Look Jian! Our big Bro is making a great move.” Shin, while showing the newspaper to the man sitting crossing his leg and a visible annoyance in his face. Jean crumple the newspaper and threw it away.
  • We’ll what would you expect from him.Tss.
  • “He’s so determined to be the family head.” He rolled his eyes, with displeasure smile in this news.
  • “Don’t tell me, you’re going to lose against Jeff? We all know that he’s so unfortunate all throughout his life.” No wonder, this is my stepmom speaking. Her she goes…my devil like stepmom, hiding in her scripted kindness when my father is around. I guess stepmothers really act this way. Just like in any other fairy tale…
  • “Mom, that’s the reason why he already won. This is the advantage of my big bro! He’s so good in keeping secrets!” Jean said.
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