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Chapter 28 Thank you Juan Carlos Opiana.

  • (Missamy Charm POV's)
  • There are many people waiting outside the church. I and my brother walked with security escorts. I wish I’ll just disappear! Just like a bubble.
  • But…NO! I have to do this! Do not be coward Charm! You have to do this for your brother.
  • What would it be like if I run? Am I going to be like the runaway bride in the news?
  • Jeff Lee Chan’s having a runaway bride at his wedding day? That would be trending if that happens!
  • And while these things were continuously running on my mind, I just see myself standing in front of the church, it is decorated elegantly. I am really astounding, seeing the outside of it how much more inside? There were white feathers and petals showering to me. I think I enter in a fictional world. This is just happened in fiction movies or fairytales. Wow.
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