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Chapter 27 “Do not look back Charm, you have to look forward.”

  • ( Missamy Charm POV's )
  • Who wouldn’t be afraid of this? Huhuhuhu Same as him, he looked so pale.
  • “Bro…” I pouted while I frown.
  • “I’ll be your support Charm, You need not to worry okay? So, I guess you need to get out of this car now?” While he is giving his hand to escort me.
  • Just like a prince who is going to dance with a pitiful princess. I trust him a lot. Of all the people in the World I only trust him, only him.
  • Reminiscing the past, I remember way back then when we crossed a bridge made of rope and wood, it is a hanging bridge. And because of the bad weather we experienced facing high tides, strong wind and heavy rain when we have camping back then.
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