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Chapter 25 “I know you can do it Charm.”

  • ( Missamy Charm POV's )
  • “I really don’t know why I have a stupid sister like you.” That word hurts.
  • “Hey bro, don’t you know that I was a valedictorian way back in high school? I also had all the awards and best in every subject!”
  • “Tss! Be thankful that I am influential to your school.” Oh common he credited it since he graduate first with selfish gather the awards for him. All the teacher seems like him. My brother is handsome and genius, reason why, woman are the one who initiate first, but at the end my brother ignore them. Oh before I forget he is the king of snub.
  • “That would never happen, it is stated in the conditions and agreement. I just said it is show of.”
  • “So how we will be having a son?” my brother stare at me. He smirked, then patted my head.
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