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Chapter 24 You want me to…with your boss?

  • ( Missamy POV's )
  • “So, what then? I guess it has nothing to do with this game.” I don’t really get the exact thing he wants me to understand.
  • “Becoming the Family Head of Chan, He will be the President of the Chan Empire Group. With that title, he will be able to rule, manipulate and manage their family businesses. In simple word, he will have the power to rule their family business.” He reckon.
  • “Hold on. What I am trying to ask is, why does he have to marry me? Why do we need to do this game?”
  • “Missamy Charm, again I have a stupid sister. I already said it.” his finger caressed its neck.  “It is because none of them has their own family. So, no one has the right to get the blessing of being the family head. It is in urgent need, the elder is old enough. The elder wants Jean Lee Chan to be his successor. And my boss created and plan this game, decided to suddenly reveal his hidden family to stop the succession. The reason why you have to marry him.”
  • “Family? Me? As his bride?”
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