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Chapter 23 Who's richer?

  • ( Missamy Charm's POV )
  • “But you have to make sure Charm that you won’t get hurt. I will not forgive myself if I see you being hurt or humiliated by others.” A sweet reminder from my big bro.
  • Though touched by these sweet and thoughtful words I predicted not being affected and rebutted.
  • ”Ohhh really? But when you bully me everything seems alright. Then now, look at you, telling me that you don’t want to see me getting hurt? HAHAHAHA. You’re so jocular bro. Remember, you just told me we don’t have to be serious with this game right? So what happened? You’re acting the other way around. Did you forget, we will always be buddy forever right?!” I can’t shut my mouth from speaking.
  • “Not forever.” My brother is really killjoy ever since. “You’re a grown-up young lady already. You should take care of yourself.” Are you kicking me out of your league Juan Carlos?! But… Yeah, I’m already old to be dependent too much to him.
  • My brother keeps giving me reminders all throughout this day. Seems weird.
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