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Chapter 199 Don’t ever … ever! Kiss me again!

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • He is not a human! He is a pervert dog who want to have sex with some other dogs. Huh? What did I say? Nevermind. What I want to state, Jeff was a monstrous pervert!  
  • Brother Juan Carlos! I badly need your help! Wahhhh! I can even breath to his kiss! Jeff might have forgotten to take his medicine! Ughhh! Why me?! Why it should be me who will kiss by the prince who have a skin of a sheep but honestly, he is a wolf!
  • There seems to be no strength left on my knees. I feel shivered. Please stop Jeff. This lip of mine is not yours to kiss me like this! Did you forget your fiancée?!  Hey Jeff! Wake up! I know my lips is yummy, but you need to stop devouring me!
  • I am trying my very best to stop myself from pushing Jeff away and slap him for the havoc he makes toward to me. Because there would only be one thing that might happen if I did that. This game of him would be ruined. Totally ruined and would reveal the truth to everyone.
  • Are you not afraid of that Jeff?! Your deepest darkest secret Jeff! Don’t you wait until I’ve finally run out of patience Jeff… I HATE YOU! I want to cry right now! 
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