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Chapter 182 What a waste. Let’s drink it then Jeff.

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • “My brother had trained me well, and believe it or not, I suffered a lot from that training.” My brother wants me to become his ideal wife. Tsk. Your mean. But he told me, that a wife who possess the character of perfect of spouse will surely gained a lot of suitor. Where are they brother? Should I trust your words?
  • “The training was like what your parents looking for. The attitude, who will be fitted to be their son wife and daughter husband.” I flip my hair. “So, I passed. They were happy to me Jeff. Telling me that I am a perfect wife and your lucky enough to have me. Hahaha. I’m so flattered Jeff.” holding my hands daydreaming again.
  • “I can’t wait to meet my real in laws.” Well, of course all I have in mind is Jude. Jude Jude Montiveros… the only Mister of Missamy Charm.
  • But Jeff just rolled his eyes. Seems he didn’t believe me. A slap Jeff? You want it?  
  • Jeff, really hates listening to my fantasies. Tsk. He is exactly like my brother.
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