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Chapter 180 Let’s annoy him more

  • (Missamy's POV)
  • I shoved myself away from him.
  • “Would you leave?! I don’t even need you!” pushing him to the door, when he is trying to grab my hand. I have no appetite to fight with him. Since this day I declare, is enough mocking and tricking me!
  • He gave me his boastful smile.  “But, I need you.” raising his eye brows and completely force me to grab my injure hand.  Then… an awkward silence occurs… What the hell are you doing Jeff?!
  • We both look at his hand, and panickily he releases it.  Sat on the chair near my study table. “Don’t worry it wont kill you.” He is talking about my hand. “But your childish behavior will do.”
  • Wow. He is returning the sense that I am the one who need to blame?! I sigh.  I got no choice but to talk to him. I pull one of the chairs. Face him. This is serious Missamy Charm.
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