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Chapter 144 I am scare… this world is full of uncertain.

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • Right now, I am holding my brother’s picture, I really missed him.  Hahaha. I’m just really kidding. Is this enough put in your coffin bro? Hahaha.  Just kidding again. There would still be a better picture than this.
  • I really wonder what you are planning now bro. Hoping and praying I am still part of that plan of yours. I am not yet married Juan Carlos. I am really sorry if I have to rely on you most of the time.  I just not ready to take off my wings away from you. I am scare… this world is full of uncertain. I hug my prother picture, he is my hero. Thanks bro. But can you save me if Jeff… If our boss gonna… haist.  
  • Jeff I am going to see him once I get home. May God really have mercy on me. Please guide me Lord if that guy wants to have wrestling with me. I even didn’t defeat my brother on that. How about Jeff’s bulging muscle? I must not show him that I am afraid of him. Yeah, lets do that Missamy Charm!
  • When the pub come, Aling Agnes is helping me to put my things inside the car and finally bid goodbye to her. It’s too late for our neighbors to see me leaving already. I have to go now. Byeeeee. I shall return Guys and take back that apartment!  
  • I was trying to instruct the taxi driver since the road going in our house isn’t that fixed yet. And when we reach the well-made road, I get ready the payment,
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