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Chapter 108 Relax myself… relax.

  • ( Jeff POV's )
  • “Jeff!” she screams, as if I care.
  • I clasp my hand because of my agitated tension. What the hell, I don’t care if she’s virgin! WHO THE HELL CARES!
  • Juan Carlos! This is your fault! Your sister, she’s using her innocence to threaten my self-control. Who cared she’s virgin?! She’s virgin Jeff… it means she’s fresh bake bread serve to your table. STOP! Com’on!
  • Seeing the blanket and pillow as I return to the bed, I grab it knowing she will going to display her legs explicitly.  And I am not mistaken. She was about to lie on the sofa. Seriously? You are going to sleep there? As what you have order Jeff.
  • I immediately throw the pillow and blanket to her. Missamy you’re really getting into my nerves, this is goddammit warning!  
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